June 23, 2011

Personal Responsibility

As I watch my family endure the challenges and tribulations of the medical community treating their cancers, I think to myself that this does not have to be if they just had the knowledge to understand themselves as energy enfolded within physical matter supported by the chemicals found in the purest form in nature, earth and the universe through the chemicals of food, water and air. Working in the medical community, I witness people trusting the dictates of the physicians, nurses and medical personnel to provide the services to cure their cancer and other diseases. I watch as the treatment of the day takes the patient to the brink of death only to have the medical community tell the patient that nothing more can be done and death is imminent. I watch the effects of surgery performed to cut, remove and get rid of the cancer only to have the cancer return with revenge or to have the patient suffer or die of other complications from surgery. These patients put their faith and trust in medicine to help them and to save them from the ravages of disease only to die from the treatment or to suffer from the complications inflicted upon them with the treatment. I know that this does not have to be, the knowledge of Spiritual Philosophy does not create harm but provides healing and nurturing .
Today we see within our society and our world that change is imperative to maintain life upon earth. Our food is polluted, our water is contaminated, and our air is full of toxic chemicals that create havoc within our lungs. The three essential ingredients that maintain our health and life are in jeopardy at an alarming level of pollution. Obviously the government is not protecting our food, water and air even though there are agencies designated to provide those services. Corporations and our government for years have polluted our air, water and land and never had to accept any responsibility for there actions. Monsanto is sowing seeds of deception by introducing GMO seeds to the world. Change is essential so that we do not destroy nature and in the process destroy our intelligent human design.
I understand how I have changed my pattern of focus on disease to the focus of living my health. It is very clear within my mind as if it was just yesterday that I had my first breast biopsy at the age of nineteen or twenty. I felt that I would wake up from surgery with my breast removed just like my mother’s mastectomy because of cancer. The very first thing I did when I woke up from surgery was to lift up my gown to check my breasts to see if they were still there. After the biopsy, I continued making follow up visits to the surgeon and he continued performing biopsies. After following this pattern for several years, I asked myself what was I doing. I was seeing a surgeon and by nature a surgeon will continue doing biopsies so it was at that time that I stopped seeing a surgeon. I continued having mammograms for a number of years until I started studying Spiritual Philosophy. It has been fifteen years or longer that I have not had a mammogram done. I can happily say that I do not miss the radiation doses or the squeezing of the breasts. The fear that was part of my thinking as a twenty year old of getting breast cancer has ebbed throughout the years because my thinking has changed over the years. I know that medicine will not save me, and I know that the knowledge of Spiritual Philosophy will save me. This is why I want to teach Spiritual Philosophy.
I want to create a vibrant, healthy garden of Eden and help restore the beauty of nature and earth to its purest state of being. To create a healthy population of people, the air, food, and water must be in its purest form to maintain a healthy environment internally and externally. People have to understand their relationship to food, water and air and the importance of nature, earth and the universe for their support, substance, viability and continuation of life on earth. I have a greater appreciation of the importance of air, food, and water and how I am one with nature, earth and the universe. I can not survive without the chemical support of air, food and water and people must understand this on a totally new level then of people currently understand living on earth. People have to know that they are energy residing within physical matter and the only source of this knowledge is found in Spiritual Philosophy. People have to understand that the energy comes from the chemicals found in nature, earth and the universe in the form of food, water and air. It is the personal responsibility of each and every human being to breath, ingest and drink the purest chemicals found in nature, earth and the universe to maintain the gift of health and release the focus on disease.