September 9, 2011

There are no Empty Spaces

Today I read that our thinking mind and our learning mind are different, though related. What a thought! As I expose my mind to knowledge as its own entity, its own “organism,” I am giving myself the gift of acknowledging the reality of energy in new and wonderful ways. Knowledge itself of course isn’t static. The history of human knowledge is a fascinating study and adventure. How have our minds adapted to our environments to improve our lives? When we have sought the “greater good,” our own comforts, the civilizing of our race? What is the “greater good”? What has motivated us to change, to move, to seek food, shelter, growth, comfort, company, warmth? Each thought within our thinking mind has a relationship to itself, to all other thoughts, entities, creations. There are no empty spaces. Each new thought that adds new knowledge expands our consciousness as a thinking mind, and therefore the relationships grow. Is it our learning mind that forages and gathers, seeking new ground, water, comfort, warmth, change? The intimacy of relationship(s) is the image of love that our mind seeks – the sharing of energies. Knowledge gives us the gift of understanding this dynamic as our human design – if we persist in expanding our knowledge until we know ourselves enough to acknowledge the beauty of our human design and the purpose of becoming and living the best energy self we can create at any given moment and in any given lifetime.

July 4, 2011

Celebrating Independence as Freedom From Fear

 Independence as Freedom of Choice
Independence Day is a cause for self-reflection.  While I don't necessarily think of myself as patriotic (I've never owned an American Flag), its hard for me to miss the true meaning of this day.  Our great country was started by free thinking individuals who clearly understood they had the freedom of choice.  They could choose control and dependency on an oppressive government, or they could choose the freedom of independence and self-sufficiency.  Our country's first leaders created for themselves and for us, an opportunity to live in peace, to live with the freedom of choice to think as we choose, to live as we choose, to live within a society that supports our freedom, both as a collective in citizenship and as individuals.  The macrocosm of our free, American society is a reflection of our internal freedom of choice, as our internal microcosm of our thinking mind.  We are designed to be free within our own self, as we are within our country.  Are you living your internal design of freedom?

Independence and Freedom VS Fear and Control 
Independence Day is a day to reflect on the level of independence we have chosen to live within our mind and our loving emotional self.  Are you living your individual independence and freedom, or are you living with fear, as your ultimate self-control?  Most people live with internal warring behavior, as reflected externally in our warring world.  This is an ego-spirit tug of war as fear vs love.  It plays itself out in our thoughts as:

* I'm happy with myself /I'm not good enough
* I want to do this/I can't do this
* I love myself/ I need someone else to love me
* I feel equal/I am better (or not as good) as they are
* I feel as healthy as can be/I'm afraid of developing cancer
* My business is doing great!/How in the world am I going to pay my next bill?

Do any of these conflicting thoughts feel familiar?  These are the thoughts of a mind controlled by fear.  When we are in fear, we are unable to live the freedom and independence that is part of our inherent design.  Being controlled by fear isn't always apparent.  It may require some self-assessment.  Here are a few questions that have helped me see the level of my own internal fear that keeps me from living my true freedom and independence.  Maybe they'll help you too.

* Are there areas of your life where you feel stuck?
* Do you have things you want to do but resist doing them?
* What would you do in life if you had no fear?
* Is your life everything you want it to be?
* Do your dreams seem like impossibilities?

Independence is our Birthright
Fear is the only thing that keeps us from living the life we desire, rich with peace, joy, and abundance on every level.  Fear is a completely irrational emotion.  We are designed to live with our loving emotions integrated with our thinking mind.  In other words, we are designed to think with love, not with fear.  Healing the fear allows us to create the freedom and independence that is our inherent birthright.  It allows us to live with love, as our true design as human beings.

As Americans and as human beings, we deserve to live our true freedom and independence.  Today is the perfect day to reflect on how you can live them with greater intensity.  For me, I'm going to make the conscious choice to allow the energy of love to guide me through my life, and allow love to heal my fear and create my internal world of freedom and independence.

I'd love to hear how you will choose to live your internal freedom and independence.    

Happy Internal Independence Day!

June 23, 2011

Personal Responsibility

As I watch my family endure the challenges and tribulations of the medical community treating their cancers, I think to myself that this does not have to be if they just had the knowledge to understand themselves as energy enfolded within physical matter supported by the chemicals found in the purest form in nature, earth and the universe through the chemicals of food, water and air. Working in the medical community, I witness people trusting the dictates of the physicians, nurses and medical personnel to provide the services to cure their cancer and other diseases. I watch as the treatment of the day takes the patient to the brink of death only to have the medical community tell the patient that nothing more can be done and death is imminent. I watch the effects of surgery performed to cut, remove and get rid of the cancer only to have the cancer return with revenge or to have the patient suffer or die of other complications from surgery. These patients put their faith and trust in medicine to help them and to save them from the ravages of disease only to die from the treatment or to suffer from the complications inflicted upon them with the treatment. I know that this does not have to be, the knowledge of Spiritual Philosophy does not create harm but provides healing and nurturing .
Today we see within our society and our world that change is imperative to maintain life upon earth. Our food is polluted, our water is contaminated, and our air is full of toxic chemicals that create havoc within our lungs. The three essential ingredients that maintain our health and life are in jeopardy at an alarming level of pollution. Obviously the government is not protecting our food, water and air even though there are agencies designated to provide those services. Corporations and our government for years have polluted our air, water and land and never had to accept any responsibility for there actions. Monsanto is sowing seeds of deception by introducing GMO seeds to the world. Change is essential so that we do not destroy nature and in the process destroy our intelligent human design.
I understand how I have changed my pattern of focus on disease to the focus of living my health. It is very clear within my mind as if it was just yesterday that I had my first breast biopsy at the age of nineteen or twenty. I felt that I would wake up from surgery with my breast removed just like my mother’s mastectomy because of cancer. The very first thing I did when I woke up from surgery was to lift up my gown to check my breasts to see if they were still there. After the biopsy, I continued making follow up visits to the surgeon and he continued performing biopsies. After following this pattern for several years, I asked myself what was I doing. I was seeing a surgeon and by nature a surgeon will continue doing biopsies so it was at that time that I stopped seeing a surgeon. I continued having mammograms for a number of years until I started studying Spiritual Philosophy. It has been fifteen years or longer that I have not had a mammogram done. I can happily say that I do not miss the radiation doses or the squeezing of the breasts. The fear that was part of my thinking as a twenty year old of getting breast cancer has ebbed throughout the years because my thinking has changed over the years. I know that medicine will not save me, and I know that the knowledge of Spiritual Philosophy will save me. This is why I want to teach Spiritual Philosophy.
I want to create a vibrant, healthy garden of Eden and help restore the beauty of nature and earth to its purest state of being. To create a healthy population of people, the air, food, and water must be in its purest form to maintain a healthy environment internally and externally. People have to understand their relationship to food, water and air and the importance of nature, earth and the universe for their support, substance, viability and continuation of life on earth. I have a greater appreciation of the importance of air, food, and water and how I am one with nature, earth and the universe. I can not survive without the chemical support of air, food and water and people must understand this on a totally new level then of people currently understand living on earth. People have to know that they are energy residing within physical matter and the only source of this knowledge is found in Spiritual Philosophy. People have to understand that the energy comes from the chemicals found in nature, earth and the universe in the form of food, water and air. It is the personal responsibility of each and every human being to breath, ingest and drink the purest chemicals found in nature, earth and the universe to maintain the gift of health and release the focus on disease.

May 20, 2011


As many as there are humans, there are questions and personalities, answers and interactions, disappointments and satisfactions, joys and sorrows, experiences and adventures. Our spectrum of experience as energy is infinite, as are the lessons we design for ourselves to learn as we grow and change as energy beings. Spiritual Philosophy is the exploration of ourselves as energy beings, our role as interactive beings in the Universal Energy, our power as creative consciousness, the sharing of the adventures of expanding conscious as part of Nature and the Universe, and what a gift we give ourselves by being human at this “time” and space in our evolution. I have had a passion for knowledge and learning all of my life. Yet my passions were selective, and therefore my learning was limited, until I began to really study Myself as an energy being, through Spiritual Philosophy. Then I began to be able to think about what I have learned from all interactions as energy: from the smallest detail of a tree branch and fragrance I remember as a child, to the laughter of my sister as we ran between bushes playing tag, the pleasure of fresh apple flavor bursting in my mouth as I bit into it, to the joy of holding my mother’s hand in a silent, happy moment. Learning to “heal,” to soothe all supposed wounds, comes from Knowing who we are as chemical energy beings. Knowing that this knowledge is what opens each heart and mind to love and the power of conscious growth and change (evolution) is, for me, the gift my mind was seeking in this life. I know others seek this knowledge, this gift, as human beings. Therefore, in my mind this is my joy and responsibility to share knowledge as I enjoy my life in ways I never could or would have without another teacher offering the gift of Spiritual Philosophy. This is the equality and responsibility of sharing love; to share what we know, what we learn; to communicate, to cooperate as human beings in our journey of life.

We each choose our paths of life. I have chosen to find the knowledge that has brought me satisfaction and motivation above all else. This is the gift I intend to continue to nurture, to share, to expand in every way that I can. I am learning what it means to truly live commitment as a lifestyle of growth and change, of love. To heal myself and to share this knowledge of “Know Thyself” adds to the healing of each level of life. The Earth supports us in our change, and I want to constantly add to the healing energy focus as a consciousness. I have been dual (i.e., conflicted) for too long, before, and in this moment in time I am changing my conscious eternal energy focus to the focus of healing. I have learned more than ever before why love is the healing energy.

May 1, 2009

Wings to Fly

Wings to Fly

"Energy is real. It is real now and it has always been real as a part and parcel of our human condition that allows us to grow and change within our own personal energy field. One of the primary levels of learning for our Dual Soul is the lesson of learning what energy we are, what energy we are comfortable with, the energy that we are not comfortable with, and the choice of energy that we want around us in our daily lives. If we did not have a personal energy field that is held close to our heart and Soul, we would not be capable of growth and change on a dynamic level on a daily basis. The more comfortable we become with our own energy field, the more productive we will become as human beings in creating what we want to create in our physical lives." (Kathy Oddenino,April handout, 27)

My cousin invited me to take one of the ubiquitous quizzes shared on Facebook, this one about “What Shakespearean quote are you?” When you click the link a short questionnaire pops up and after you answer the questions, your quote is selected. My result was "What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet." A familiar portrait of the man we call Shakespeare, and one image of Juliet (the quote is one of hers) was included with the quiz result. (I had to make a joke about the portrait - my driver's license ID looks so different! :)Here's the rest of the result:
You are innocent, pensive and fascinated with names. You may be slightly rebellious, or fighting for a cause which is dear to you. Your quote is one of Juliet's lines!

Another cousin responded, Slightly rebellious? Too many stories we could tell. I had to laugh at this, and I thought of it again this morning as I was reading our handout from the last SP event. Kathy wrote about how we begin to live levels of change within ourselves as we learn to live the spiritual energy of our loving emotions. If that sounds complicated, it’s because we just haven’t thought about ourselves as “real as energy beings.” I know that we act out the energy of our loving emotions in many ways, such as the love we feel for our family, our spouses, people in need – and often the loving emotions that we set in place as children follow us throughout our life. This is interesting to think about. Kathy refers to her father’s love of baseball, and her parents’ love of dancing. I think of words, books, learning, and the way my parents are with people, how they love(d), their compassion. I often resisted living the energy of compassion, thus the rebellion! “It takes integrity, strength, and courage to support our positive beliefs system and to live it in our daily lifestyle.” (30)

Last night several of us got together and we talked about the value of knowledge, what learning means to us. Each personality, each person has his or her own way of expressing themselves, and the many levels of our thinking and emotions we reveal as we interact. Examples others gave prompted me to think about lessons my parents taught me, us, and how I appreciate these examples of love now. My mind, my level of thinking has expanded, because I no longer feel the compulsion to “rebel” against, to test love as a theory. I have grown into knowing that love is real as an energy. I did not realize before how elusive my definitions of thoughts, emotions, things were, because I did not yet know how to think of the reality of all of life and creation as energy and therefore not as “spiritual energy” and the infinite dynamic beauty of change. I understand better now why we have to grow as a mind before we feel “true love” as real, and as a conscious reality that we use as a daily, non-stop energy. Learning and the focus on “loving and feeding myself the food of spiritual wisdom” has shown me the wisdom of the Ethical Values as the foundation of our design as energy beings. As I gradually accept that “I am real only as energy ,” compassion and the sense of cooperation inside me overrides resistance, and cradles my fears as the love of a mother will a child, still firmly urging growth and sustenance. It’s fantastic.

The gentle guidance of a mother-love (which is the symbol of our Spirit, not the overriding “Father God” in the physical symbols and icons we have created) is what coaxes me into remembering how we are all created, as energy. What does it mean to use self-discipline to create equality, love, and truth in my thinking and in my physical life? It means to honor my father and mother, to honor life and the energy of creation as love. It means to “put away childish things.” It means to be born anew in the energy of love as thought form, without restriction, without the “hedonism” of self-centeredness that competition and fear support. Clarity replaces confusion in recognizable “forms,” as I listen and appreciate our humanity. What a gift it is to be alive and learning.

March 31, 2009


"Even something as effortless as speaking simple sentences depends upon integrity of grammatical circuits within the brain." (BrainScapes,111)

January 28, 2009



I value my counseling sessions with Kathy as I explore my energy with her and how she opens my mind to new circles of energy within me. I would love to share with you how the circle of truth is expanding within my energy. Fear is alien to our intelligent design but if I do not understand my intelligent design I will think fear is normal. I came into this life living fear beliefs such as the fear of death, only one life, if I spoke my truth, I would be persecuted for my thinking, feeling of being bad just to name a few beliefs causing the energy of fear within my behavior which affected my work, my relationships, and my life.

Since studying Spiritual Philosophy, Kathy has worked diligently with me to change my energy of speaking untruth to living my truth. Thank you for being part of this journey as Kathy would share my experience of throwing her table over the railing and breaking the table and then my lying about the fact that I broke the table. This energy was very real within me but I have not always understood my behavior and why. Now I know that this energy was from a previous life or lives where I was persecuted for my religious beliefs and the memory was real to me today as it was in the previous lives where it was occurring. I have been working diligently to change my energy by speaking my truth and I asked Kathy if I still had threads of fear in speaking my truth. Her response was that I had changed my behavior at work in speaking my truth, which I feel in my behavior at work. Truth is what truly does set one free. My threads of fear are attached to speaking my truth as the teachings of spiritual philosophy for fear of persecution. It is in the doing that I change the energy of fear in to living my truth.

Today I have a dialogue going on with a respiratory therapist at work who I only see briefly throughout the week-end. This dialogue has been going on for maybe a month or two and it started with her asking about the bottle of Apollinaris that I was drinking at the time. She did go buy a case of the water and she and her husband love the water. The dialogue has progressed to my sharing my knowledge and Kathy's website with her which she read and found very interesting but stated that the seminars were to expensive. My reply was that the knowledge was priceless.

This past week-end Denish said that she had several questions that she wanted to ask me and that she would come back down to CT later in the night. This did not happen but I also was very conscious within my energy that when she said she had some questions for me, I felt a moment of panic (fear) which lasted very briefly but was real. I am excited that Denish has questions and I am looking forward to spending some time with her because she is giving me a gift of love for me to speak my truth of the knowledge that I have been studying. Plus she has a beautiful energy that I want to know at a deeper level.

I love how my energy knows itself and I am the only one who can change my energy to the energy that I want to be. It is as simple as saying to myself that from this moment forward, I am going to live my love, truth and equality. The key is that I have to put the change into action because it is only in the doing that the energy becomes real. Talking about my goals and not incorporating the energy into my behavior is revving my engine and going nowhere except stasis. I have had to become comfortable speaking my truth at work in order to expand to the next circle of speaking my truth.

We truly are a majestic design as I marvel at my energy and the changes that I am incorporating into my energy. Let us all be the best that we can be by living our ethical values as the fabric of our design. I loved reading the hand out from the seminar and one sentence I found as my truth is "When we are capable of changing our internal energy fields, we will have set change in motion." Kathy O, thank you for your determination to move me through my lesson of truth. My resistance was intense but your love and at times "tough love" kept nudging me to the next level. This is an eternal gift that affects my life now and will affect my energy in my next life. Friends, thank you for your patience and hearing the story of the table. Moving through this energy has not been easy for me at times and I know it was not easy for Kathy to have to use tough love but I am eternally grateful because of how I feel now. I am learning what it means to be a friend to self.Sending you bundles of loving energy.

"We must make a choice and continue to live our choice as we choose to live the loving neuronal energy patterns within our thinking mind in harmony with our loving emotions and infinite Spirit senses as our Intelligent Design."(Spirit Consciousness, pg 72)