September 9, 2011

There are no Empty Spaces

Today I read that our thinking mind and our learning mind are different, though related. What a thought! As I expose my mind to knowledge as its own entity, its own “organism,” I am giving myself the gift of acknowledging the reality of energy in new and wonderful ways. Knowledge itself of course isn’t static. The history of human knowledge is a fascinating study and adventure. How have our minds adapted to our environments to improve our lives? When we have sought the “greater good,” our own comforts, the civilizing of our race? What is the “greater good”? What has motivated us to change, to move, to seek food, shelter, growth, comfort, company, warmth? Each thought within our thinking mind has a relationship to itself, to all other thoughts, entities, creations. There are no empty spaces. Each new thought that adds new knowledge expands our consciousness as a thinking mind, and therefore the relationships grow. Is it our learning mind that forages and gathers, seeking new ground, water, comfort, warmth, change? The intimacy of relationship(s) is the image of love that our mind seeks – the sharing of energies. Knowledge gives us the gift of understanding this dynamic as our human design – if we persist in expanding our knowledge until we know ourselves enough to acknowledge the beauty of our human design and the purpose of becoming and living the best energy self we can create at any given moment and in any given lifetime.

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