May 20, 2011


As many as there are humans, there are questions and personalities, answers and interactions, disappointments and satisfactions, joys and sorrows, experiences and adventures. Our spectrum of experience as energy is infinite, as are the lessons we design for ourselves to learn as we grow and change as energy beings. Spiritual Philosophy is the exploration of ourselves as energy beings, our role as interactive beings in the Universal Energy, our power as creative consciousness, the sharing of the adventures of expanding conscious as part of Nature and the Universe, and what a gift we give ourselves by being human at this “time” and space in our evolution. I have had a passion for knowledge and learning all of my life. Yet my passions were selective, and therefore my learning was limited, until I began to really study Myself as an energy being, through Spiritual Philosophy. Then I began to be able to think about what I have learned from all interactions as energy: from the smallest detail of a tree branch and fragrance I remember as a child, to the laughter of my sister as we ran between bushes playing tag, the pleasure of fresh apple flavor bursting in my mouth as I bit into it, to the joy of holding my mother’s hand in a silent, happy moment. Learning to “heal,” to soothe all supposed wounds, comes from Knowing who we are as chemical energy beings. Knowing that this knowledge is what opens each heart and mind to love and the power of conscious growth and change (evolution) is, for me, the gift my mind was seeking in this life. I know others seek this knowledge, this gift, as human beings. Therefore, in my mind this is my joy and responsibility to share knowledge as I enjoy my life in ways I never could or would have without another teacher offering the gift of Spiritual Philosophy. This is the equality and responsibility of sharing love; to share what we know, what we learn; to communicate, to cooperate as human beings in our journey of life.

We each choose our paths of life. I have chosen to find the knowledge that has brought me satisfaction and motivation above all else. This is the gift I intend to continue to nurture, to share, to expand in every way that I can. I am learning what it means to truly live commitment as a lifestyle of growth and change, of love. To heal myself and to share this knowledge of “Know Thyself” adds to the healing of each level of life. The Earth supports us in our change, and I want to constantly add to the healing energy focus as a consciousness. I have been dual (i.e., conflicted) for too long, before, and in this moment in time I am changing my conscious eternal energy focus to the focus of healing. I have learned more than ever before why love is the healing energy.

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