May 1, 2009

Wings to Fly

Wings to Fly

"Energy is real. It is real now and it has always been real as a part and parcel of our human condition that allows us to grow and change within our own personal energy field. One of the primary levels of learning for our Dual Soul is the lesson of learning what energy we are, what energy we are comfortable with, the energy that we are not comfortable with, and the choice of energy that we want around us in our daily lives. If we did not have a personal energy field that is held close to our heart and Soul, we would not be capable of growth and change on a dynamic level on a daily basis. The more comfortable we become with our own energy field, the more productive we will become as human beings in creating what we want to create in our physical lives." (Kathy Oddenino,April handout, 27)

My cousin invited me to take one of the ubiquitous quizzes shared on Facebook, this one about “What Shakespearean quote are you?” When you click the link a short questionnaire pops up and after you answer the questions, your quote is selected. My result was "What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet." A familiar portrait of the man we call Shakespeare, and one image of Juliet (the quote is one of hers) was included with the quiz result. (I had to make a joke about the portrait - my driver's license ID looks so different! :)Here's the rest of the result:
You are innocent, pensive and fascinated with names. You may be slightly rebellious, or fighting for a cause which is dear to you. Your quote is one of Juliet's lines!

Another cousin responded, Slightly rebellious? Too many stories we could tell. I had to laugh at this, and I thought of it again this morning as I was reading our handout from the last SP event. Kathy wrote about how we begin to live levels of change within ourselves as we learn to live the spiritual energy of our loving emotions. If that sounds complicated, it’s because we just haven’t thought about ourselves as “real as energy beings.” I know that we act out the energy of our loving emotions in many ways, such as the love we feel for our family, our spouses, people in need – and often the loving emotions that we set in place as children follow us throughout our life. This is interesting to think about. Kathy refers to her father’s love of baseball, and her parents’ love of dancing. I think of words, books, learning, and the way my parents are with people, how they love(d), their compassion. I often resisted living the energy of compassion, thus the rebellion! “It takes integrity, strength, and courage to support our positive beliefs system and to live it in our daily lifestyle.” (30)

Last night several of us got together and we talked about the value of knowledge, what learning means to us. Each personality, each person has his or her own way of expressing themselves, and the many levels of our thinking and emotions we reveal as we interact. Examples others gave prompted me to think about lessons my parents taught me, us, and how I appreciate these examples of love now. My mind, my level of thinking has expanded, because I no longer feel the compulsion to “rebel” against, to test love as a theory. I have grown into knowing that love is real as an energy. I did not realize before how elusive my definitions of thoughts, emotions, things were, because I did not yet know how to think of the reality of all of life and creation as energy and therefore not as “spiritual energy” and the infinite dynamic beauty of change. I understand better now why we have to grow as a mind before we feel “true love” as real, and as a conscious reality that we use as a daily, non-stop energy. Learning and the focus on “loving and feeding myself the food of spiritual wisdom” has shown me the wisdom of the Ethical Values as the foundation of our design as energy beings. As I gradually accept that “I am real only as energy ,” compassion and the sense of cooperation inside me overrides resistance, and cradles my fears as the love of a mother will a child, still firmly urging growth and sustenance. It’s fantastic.

The gentle guidance of a mother-love (which is the symbol of our Spirit, not the overriding “Father God” in the physical symbols and icons we have created) is what coaxes me into remembering how we are all created, as energy. What does it mean to use self-discipline to create equality, love, and truth in my thinking and in my physical life? It means to honor my father and mother, to honor life and the energy of creation as love. It means to “put away childish things.” It means to be born anew in the energy of love as thought form, without restriction, without the “hedonism” of self-centeredness that competition and fear support. Clarity replaces confusion in recognizable “forms,” as I listen and appreciate our humanity. What a gift it is to be alive and learning.

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