October 12, 2007

I can fly! an introduction.

Last night, over a glass of wine and common goals, this blog site was born. We all shared our thoughts and what struck me so keenly was the openness to living the first level of our 33 ethical values and feeling the energy coming from all and expanding. These values are the Spiritual values taught through Spiritual Philosophy as the Science of Life. They are the energy of our true design. Kathy Oddenino is the first person I have found to pull these together in a coherent manner and offer them as a pattern of living. She goes into beautiful detail in her 8th book, “SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS. OUR INTELLIGENT DESIGN.” I hope you to will experience the energy of the words of this book and feel the mind open aas you read. This has been my experience.

These spiritual patterns are a pattern of living and will be our way of life. They are our humanity in action. We will live these patterns until we become them and they then become us. Sometimes it is a challenge to turn loose of the negative and familiar if we do not know where we are going to. It was for me. All I had was eons of teachings in moral values that are based on judgement of right/wrong, of good/bad, of reward/punishment. These ethical values show us the pattern of expansive energy to be lived.

I have been thinking about communication of late and examining what’s, how’s, and why’s of it. It is a vast subject! To begin to address communication I have to acknowledge that the energy of communication begins internally and is reflected out into the physical world through words, tone, attitude and many other nuances of communication. It leads into all other values. Having said that, I quickly recognize that I am speaking of Consciousness; consciousness communication and that this is my very own energy field. It is all mine; up front and personal and I have absolute choice as to what my energy is to be, how it is to be expressed.

My choices are:

to accept that fear is greater than love and then choose to live as…

contractive, cold, fear based energy stemming from a closed mind


to accept that love is greater than fear and choose to live as...

Warm and expansive love based energy field stemming from an opening mind learning to know itself and live the patterns of the ethical values.

This very personal energy field is my choice. It is the very same energy that I offer to others, to Nature, to Earth and on into our Universal system. I want to be very conscious of how I am thinking and feeling, what I am thinking, what emotions i am using and my feeling state. This is the energy I am offering to my internal self and then to others, to All. This is my choice to live from the ethical values and know in my heart that I Can Fly!

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