January 23, 2008

the download

Here is a thought...we have been talking about the ethical values and its relationship to us in our life in that it is meant to be lived. After all when you read all 33 ethical values, what is there not to like? So how about rather than the perspective of striving to live up to it or look up to it, how about letting the ethical values download into our mind and out through our behavior as we would a software application download into our computer.

I have spent some time giving some of the mainstream values a try. I have tried the Zen approach and the Catholic guidance to empty the mind and let it be. If you haven't noticed, they are one and the same by the way. I have tried the Christian guidance suggesting that we should just accept things as they are and that we are not good enough to ascend without intervention from an external savior...and then there is the new age approach that we can ascend into heavenly bliss if we let love in.

I think I have given a lot of techniques and modalities to life a good try...yet nothing about these modalities would have us believe that we can create true happiness for ourself through our mind alone. We can't be mind-full if we are encouraged to be mind-less. I look around and I see and hear a lot of angry and sad people. We know pretension does not work, and yet we go on with pretension.

Our humanity deserves better, we deserve to treat ourself better than to think that we are just a physical body whose only focus in life is survival before death.

I have been thinking about what it means to have an intellect and our responsibility to learn, understand, and live our love for ourself and others in our life, so that we may live the life we want to live. It seems easier to me to acknowledge that we do have a very physical focus with a physical intellectual mind as our reality. So that we don't have to live to false hopes of trying hard to live up to something we are not. Instead, how about thinking about how we could do the things we want to do in our life with our intellectually focused mind and use the ethical values as a checklist to help us guide our thinking process and our decision process?

Rather than try to ask ourself how we could be all of these things...how about defining what we want to do from the activities and focuses in our life and simply use the ethical values to see how many of them we can relate to our activities and what our goals in life are?

Now I have tried this and it has shifted my point of view, my perception and interpretation of my goals for the new year and what I want to do in my life into a different way of thinking, a different way of perceiving and interpreting what is possible that I can do right here, right now. Our mind then changes the way it sees these ethical values, not as something outside of itself to strive for or look up high above in the sky from which we are beneath to, but as a true ally in all things that we want to do, right now.

It becomes our unconditional friend to us rather than an outside finish line that we have to cross.

The ethical values is the portal to our mind that operates in our physical world to provide us all the abundance we want to create in our life. It gives our mind the maximum energy to power our thought from its birth of creation to fruition as a reality in our life. It energizes our thought to make it real. It is the portal to give our physical mind the sense of love. We can let it work through the portal of our physical mind in how we choose to see its value and relationship in our own personal responsibilities and goals in our daily living, and how we want to live our life, what do we want our accomplishments to be, how we want our life to be, and who we want to be in our life.

Maybe this is what it means to en-lighten the mind.


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