January 28, 2009



I value my counseling sessions with Kathy as I explore my energy with her and how she opens my mind to new circles of energy within me. I would love to share with you how the circle of truth is expanding within my energy. Fear is alien to our intelligent design but if I do not understand my intelligent design I will think fear is normal. I came into this life living fear beliefs such as the fear of death, only one life, if I spoke my truth, I would be persecuted for my thinking, feeling of being bad just to name a few beliefs causing the energy of fear within my behavior which affected my work, my relationships, and my life.

Since studying Spiritual Philosophy, Kathy has worked diligently with me to change my energy of speaking untruth to living my truth. Thank you for being part of this journey as Kathy would share my experience of throwing her table over the railing and breaking the table and then my lying about the fact that I broke the table. This energy was very real within me but I have not always understood my behavior and why. Now I know that this energy was from a previous life or lives where I was persecuted for my religious beliefs and the memory was real to me today as it was in the previous lives where it was occurring. I have been working diligently to change my energy by speaking my truth and I asked Kathy if I still had threads of fear in speaking my truth. Her response was that I had changed my behavior at work in speaking my truth, which I feel in my behavior at work. Truth is what truly does set one free. My threads of fear are attached to speaking my truth as the teachings of spiritual philosophy for fear of persecution. It is in the doing that I change the energy of fear in to living my truth.

Today I have a dialogue going on with a respiratory therapist at work who I only see briefly throughout the week-end. This dialogue has been going on for maybe a month or two and it started with her asking about the bottle of Apollinaris that I was drinking at the time. She did go buy a case of the water and she and her husband love the water. The dialogue has progressed to my sharing my knowledge and Kathy's website with her which she read and found very interesting but stated that the seminars were to expensive. My reply was that the knowledge was priceless.

This past week-end Denish said that she had several questions that she wanted to ask me and that she would come back down to CT later in the night. This did not happen but I also was very conscious within my energy that when she said she had some questions for me, I felt a moment of panic (fear) which lasted very briefly but was real. I am excited that Denish has questions and I am looking forward to spending some time with her because she is giving me a gift of love for me to speak my truth of the knowledge that I have been studying. Plus she has a beautiful energy that I want to know at a deeper level.

I love how my energy knows itself and I am the only one who can change my energy to the energy that I want to be. It is as simple as saying to myself that from this moment forward, I am going to live my love, truth and equality. The key is that I have to put the change into action because it is only in the doing that the energy becomes real. Talking about my goals and not incorporating the energy into my behavior is revving my engine and going nowhere except stasis. I have had to become comfortable speaking my truth at work in order to expand to the next circle of speaking my truth.

We truly are a majestic design as I marvel at my energy and the changes that I am incorporating into my energy. Let us all be the best that we can be by living our ethical values as the fabric of our design. I loved reading the hand out from the seminar and one sentence I found as my truth is "When we are capable of changing our internal energy fields, we will have set change in motion." Kathy O, thank you for your determination to move me through my lesson of truth. My resistance was intense but your love and at times "tough love" kept nudging me to the next level. This is an eternal gift that affects my life now and will affect my energy in my next life. Friends, thank you for your patience and hearing the story of the table. Moving through this energy has not been easy for me at times and I know it was not easy for Kathy to have to use tough love but I am eternally grateful because of how I feel now. I am learning what it means to be a friend to self.Sending you bundles of loving energy.

"We must make a choice and continue to live our choice as we choose to live the loving neuronal energy patterns within our thinking mind in harmony with our loving emotions and infinite Spirit senses as our Intelligent Design."(Spirit Consciousness, pg 72)

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M.E.Martin said...

Lucy- Thanks for posting this. Last night, again, as you gave us another example of your family-love and learning, I was so conscious of how beautiful your expression of yourself and your own growth is. Your compassion for others shows brighter and brighter, and you help me to love.